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Debbie Reynolds To Say Goodbye

Movie and Gay Icon, Debbie Reynolds is currently in Australia touring the country, and she gives Generation Q a personal message.

Movie and Gay Icon Debbie Reynolds is currently in Australia touring the country, and is farewelling us for this tour at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday August 26th (yes, that's right, THIS Saturday) at 8pm. The star of "Singin' In the Rain" does impressions of Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich which are near-perfect and her impersonation of Streisand is amazing.

Highlights are I Love the Piano and Tammy and the show's medley-style format takes us through a musical wonderland. Reynolds interpolates Sondheim's defiant I'm Still Here with her own remarkable career story as a star at MGM, then as a veteran who outlasted her leading men.

This is a show for anyone young or not so young that is not to be missed! It's truly a magical and entertaining night.

She sent us this personal message:

"I have had a fabulous time in Australia. The reception I have been given has been wonderful and I just love the Australian audience - they are marvellous! I have been so thrilled that there have been so many people under 50 attending. Thank you [Cheers Mates!). Hope to see you on August 26th at the Sydney Opera House at 8pm to say Goodbye. Debbie, 2006"


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