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Gay unions won't be blocked under Labor

State-based civil union legislation is unlikely to be blocked according to incoming Attorney-General Robert McClelland.

Incoming Attorney-General Robert McClelland has said that the Labor party is unlikely to block a re-developed proposal to introduce same-sex civil unions in the Australian Capital Territory.

The news comes as Attorney-General for the ACT Simon Corbell is planning to submit an amended civil partnerships bill, which would give same-sex couples legal recognition.

In an interview published in the Herald on Friday, Mr McClelland reemphasized that Labor would not be giving full marriage rights to same-sex couples, but would support couples having the same legal rights as de facto heterosexual couples.

“I will have a look at what Simon Corbell is proposing and get some advice on it,” Mr McClelland said.

“We would be prepared to look at it with good faith rather than with the intention of obstructing it. The Labor Party has already resolved not to agree to gay marriage but we are given to examining appropriate forms of registration of de facto relationships, including same-sex de facto relationships.”

Previous attempts to introduce same-sex civil union partnerships in the ACT were overturned by the Howard government.


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