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MySpace in hot water over technical issue

Popular profile website MySpace came under fire earlier today for a technical issue which saw the removal of the ability to edit or add the 'gay' sexual orientation.

In a move which initially stunned and outraged the gay community, popular profile website MySpace appeared to have removed the “gay” sexual orientation from its website, however further investigations revealed that the virtual networking facility is experiencing technical difficulties.

Anger emerged as it became apparent to visitors of the website that existing members were no longer able to edit their sexuality to being gay, and new members were not able to specify that they are “gay”. Until the issue is resolved, the Background & Lifestyle section of will only allow members to select their sexual orientation to be bi, lesbian, straight, not sure, or no answer.

MySpace has previously been purchased out by News Corporation, which is headed by Rupert Murdoch. Calls of homophobia were initially raised, due to the billionaire being well known for his anti-gay views, after stating last year that he was “homophobic and crazy” on the issue of gay marriage, and said for the record that he believed it was wrong.

A spokesperson from the MySpace website has since clarified that it is only a technical issue, which will be resolved as quickly as possible.


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